I have joined Instagram -- Very Reluctantly!

Instagram photo
Friday night 6pm
King Edward Hotel, Toronto
French Martini + my ever present notebook

Ok News flash I have joined Instagram.
I have done so ever so reluctantly as I am already on Pinterest (which I adore for it's organizing + categorizing abilities) + Blogger + Twitter so felt very strongly that I didn't want to spend 1 more second on another social media thingy!! (I believe strongly in living life - not just documenting it!)

However I now realize the big appeal of instagram is the fact that it really is instant - one can shoot post + tweet in about 20 seconds and then quickly get back to living one's life..... so with much reluctance you can now find me here.

File under Funny people

I went to hear Canadian mom turned Hollywood screenwriter /Twitter sensation Kelly Oxford this week.
Funny and inspirational both in terms of both her writing + style.

My Favourite exchange:

Interviewer: Why do you put in so many specific references in your writing like Orphan Annie's broken locket? Aren't you worried that people won't get the references?

Kelly: I put them in to bring my people closer to me. My people get the references. :-)

It's inspiration for me to always create + write from the truest part of myself - and then have confidence that it will resonate with others.