My notecards at Type books

I took an inspirational trip to TYPE books on Queen West today and was happy to find my teNeues boxed notecards there. What a gorgeous home for them.
Felt inspired to post this photo - as I just love the colours plus the boy in the background immersed in his book is so cute. :-)

ps. If you live outside of Toronto you can also buy my cards online here
16 cards for only 10.95. USD. Dealio.

Photos from Spain Part 2: Barcelona

Housed in a stunning 19 Century apartment building with modern furnishings.
Perfect combo of old and new.
Can't say enough about it. LOVED IT.

 The floors at Hotel Praktik. Love. #Tiles
The bathroom. Loved the green tiles.

 A fantastic bookstore in El Ravel.

Fantastic lunch at La Central with Luci Guiterrez' book.

 The ceiling at La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

 Visit with Luci Guiterrez. :-)

 Ricardo in his fantastic bookstore Abracadabra.

Gaudi's Park Guell.
Unfortunately over run with tourists and selfie sticks!

Thomas O'Brien + AERO

The book (which matches very well with my Kuba cloth I think!)

I'm reading this book right now and loving it.
Aero is both a studio and a shop founded by Thomas O'Brien and Bill Sofield (who went on to design the Soho Grand) It's been located in SOHO in various locations since 1992.

I just adore Thomas O Brien's interior design sense.
I love his warm palette, mix of vintage + modern - his use of elegant things in a very relaxed, non formal way and his layering.
His bedroom! So layered and lived in.
The aesthetic of Aero is a titch refined for my taste so for me the best photos in the book are intimate pics of the various apts Thomas has lived in over the years - such as his bedroom above.
Very juicy. Highly recommended. 

New Sketches

Two new sketches.

As I've mentioned a few times before... a person reading is one of my favourite things to draw.
I like the quietness of the subject matter - and the sense of one completely immersed in a book.
 My favourite part of both the sketches is the foot! I drew it too big but like the line of it.

Random Book notes!:

1. The subject in the drawing had just finished Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and highly recommends it.

2. I recently finished John Irving's A Widow for One Year and man did I love it. What a narrative! Is now on my fave novel top ten list. Highly recommended. (Am aware it came out 10 years ago. :-))

Autumn is such a cozy time to tuck into a book at night and be taken away....