Inspiration: Edith Head

I saw this book in the window of a vintage clothing store this afternoon (69 Vintage on Queen) and for the rest of the day I've had Edith Head on my mind.

She had a Masters degree in romance languages from Standford but 0 design experience when she was hired as a costume sketch artist at Paramount. She's a great example of faking it till you make it.  
Her incredible people skills, PR savvy, + talent all contributed to her huge success.
Total Inspiration

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Illustrations for Globe and Mail Style

I ended 2014 with one of my favourite illustration gigs ever: 
The cover + 6 illustrations for Globe and Mail Style. 
Art direction by Bryan Gee. 

Globe Style Cover
I incorporated collage elements into all the illos.

I was really happy with this hand and champagne glasses. 
It was Bryan 's idea to add a gold frame to the server's cuff for an over the top 'richy rich' look.

Had a lot of fun doing this overhead brunch scene. I love drawing hands!

This illo shows how a guest can be helpful for a Holiday host. :-)

This illo accompanied a piece by the owner of Joe Beef.
This 'big group of people celebrating in the woods' scene winter is based on my own very cozy get togethers in my favourite cottage in Kazabazua Quebec. 
Feel cozy just looking at it. :-) #grateful #happy 

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