Holiday Open House + Print Sale 2014 photos

Better late than never :-)

 Among the first arrivals : Kelly Chadda + Git Gustavsson

Talented surface designer (+ cupcake maker!)  Elizabeth Olwen.

 Adorable visitors

 Journalist Karen Von Hahn with her new Mitford silkscreen print

 More adorable visitors

 My fabulous assistant Khahn 
Lifesaver Hardworker Great sense o' humour too

 Raymond + Robyn

One cupcake standing!
The scene Sunday at 6pm

File under Funny people

I went to hear Canadian mom turned Hollywood screenwriter /Twitter sensation Kelly Oxford this week.
Funny and inspirational both in terms of both her writing + style.

My Favourite exchange:

Interviewer: Why do you put in so many specific references in your writing like Orphan Annie's broken locket? Aren't you worried that people won't get the references?

Kelly: I put them in to bring my people closer to me. My people get the references. :-)

It's inspiration for me to always create + write from the truest part of myself - and then have confidence that it will resonate with others.

Uppercase magazine + my friend Scott

The latest issue of Uppercase magazine arrived yesterday. It was filled with all sorts of juicy features as usual but my favourite part was seeing the sweet face of my friend Scott Linder beaming from the contributor's page.

 Scott drew upon his own incredible collection of books to write his thoughtful + funny article.

Readers of this blog will have seen Scott's face several times in the past as he is my constant companion whenever I am in New York. With his saavy sense of the city + a deep knowledge of literature, art, and design - he is truly the ultimate tour guide! 

Scott Linder in his natural habitat: rifling through treasures at the Strand bookstore.

Scott maintains a fantastic tumblr called bookshelftherapy.
It is quirky and wise and wonderful.... just like him.