File under Funny people

I went to hear Canadian mom turned Hollywood screenwriter /Twitter sensation Kelly Oxford this week.
Funny and inspirational both in terms of both her writing + style.

My Favourite exchange:

Interviewer: Why do you put in so many specific references in your writing like Orphan Annie's broken locket? Aren't you worried that people won't get the references?

Kelly: I put them in to bring my people closer to me. My people get the references. :-)

It's inspiration for me to always create + write from the truest part of myself - and then have confidence that it will resonate with others.

A Month of Great Design in Toronto

The last 30 days has been absolutely chalk full of great design adventures in Toronto including:
 1. A super inspirational talk by Jonathan Adler at the DX
(Took 6 pages of notes!)
 2. A visit to Kevin Austin's stunning new shop Vintage Fine Objects in Corktown
(Could buy everything in the shop!)
 The Opening of Revealing The Early Renaissance at The AGO (curated by my friend Sasha Suda) (So proud of her!)

A fashion show of Comrags' Fall Winter 2013 Collection at Andrew Richard Designs
(Loved the clothes + check out this new swanky event space!)

All were very juicy experiences and deserving of their own post -- which will come next week when I'm caught up on my illustration work! Stay tuned.
Toronto - you are a great design city and sometimes terribly distracting. :-)

Tyler Brulé At OCAD

Tyler Brule's talk at OCAD last week was funny + inspirational and served as a big kick in the ass reminder to always be brave, original + THINK BIGGER.

Some favourite lines:

1. "Can we all be present in the room here tonight? I don't wanna see any tops of heads."
(In other words... turn off your phone)

2. "I worked at Movenpick in Yorkville and I spent all my tip money across the street at Maison de la Presse. That's where I got my education."

3. "Toronto needs to change it's residential vernacular. In terms of architecture it needs to raise the bar". Yep.

4. "Rather than looking south all the time Canadians should look East + West"
(After that I wrote in my notebook... LESS MAINE.... MORE SPAIN!")

Thanks OCADU for a great night.