My notecards at Type books

I took an inspirational trip to TYPE books on Queen West today and was happy to find my teNeues boxed notecards there. What a gorgeous home for them.
Felt inspired to post this photo - as I just love the colours plus the boy in the background immersed in his book is so cute. :-)

ps. If you live outside of Toronto you can also buy my cards online here
16 cards for only 10.95. USD. Dealio.

Photos from Spain Part 2: Barcelona

Housed in a stunning 19 Century apartment building with modern furnishings.
Perfect combo of old and new.
Can't say enough about it. LOVED IT.

 The floors at Hotel Praktik. Love. #Tiles
The bathroom. Loved the green tiles.

 A fantastic bookstore in El Ravel.

Fantastic lunch at La Central with Luci Guiterrez' book.

 The ceiling at La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi.

 Visit with Luci Guiterrez. :-)

 Ricardo in his fantastic bookstore Abracadabra.

Gaudi's Park Guell.
Unfortunately over run with tourists and selfie sticks!

Inspiration: Edith Head

I saw this book in the window of a vintage clothing store this afternoon (69 Vintage on Queen) and for the rest of the day I've had Edith Head on my mind.

She had a Masters degree in romance languages from Standford but 0 design experience when she was hired as a costume sketch artist at Paramount. She's a great example of faking it till you make it.  
Her incredible people skills, PR savvy, + talent all contributed to her huge success.
Total Inspiration

#businesswoman #costumedesigner #EdithHead #AcademyAwards #kickasswoman #inspiration

A Month of Great Design in Toronto

The last 30 days has been absolutely chalk full of great design adventures in Toronto including:
 1. A super inspirational talk by Jonathan Adler at the DX
(Took 6 pages of notes!)
 2. A visit to Kevin Austin's stunning new shop Vintage Fine Objects in Corktown
(Could buy everything in the shop!)
 The Opening of Revealing The Early Renaissance at The AGO (curated by my friend Sasha Suda) (So proud of her!)

A fashion show of Comrags' Fall Winter 2013 Collection at Andrew Richard Designs
(Loved the clothes + check out this new swanky event space!)

All were very juicy experiences and deserving of their own post -- which will come next week when I'm caught up on my illustration work! Stay tuned.
Toronto - you are a great design city and sometimes terribly distracting. :-)

A Tale of two Shops

On Friday I went to visit Kevin Austin at Chair Table Lamp once last time. Kevin has sold the shop to a new owner who will take over the reigns June 13th. 

I purchased the small sunburst mirror which I'd been coveting for a while. I think it'll work well in either the hallway or bedroom and will also serve as a nice reminder of one of my favourite shop owners. (Corny but true!) 

Then on Saturday I went to the opening of a new shop VERSO in the back of INabstracto.
The owner Julie Jenkinson + her partner Kate Eisen had done an amazing job of transforming a dark little space into a beautiful oasis filled with art, furniture + lots of great vintage finds.
Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the overall space... but I thought this oversized apothecaryish vase with pink peonies was just stunning.

Best of luck to Kevin +Julie on their new creative adventures. :-)