Inspiration: Tomi Ungerer - One of the absolute best!

On Sept 6th I saw the documentary Far Out Isn’t Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story
Tomi is one of my all time favourite illustrators (his economical line!! his humour! his fabulous kids books! his incredible political posters! his saucy erotic drawings!) and I can't recommend the doc enuf. Thanks so much to Glenn Sumi for the reco. :-)
Watch the trailer here.

Images from June

I've been away from my blog for a while... It's catch up time.
Here are some favourite images from June.
 Hijinks with great Artscape Neighbours Paula and Greg.

More hijinks with Artscapers including Robbie Grunewald above (and his Gin Fizz)
 Printing some more kitchen prints

Design salon!
Kim, Jessica and Donna
Jessica, peonies and birdie plates!

Colleen, Lynda and Heather.

Very attractive Tattly model: Photographer Jon Loek
 Sassy Sasha and my pear Tattly
Puppeteer Clea Minaker and her fabulous legs
from the amazing documentary
I can't recommend this documentary enough.

Another screen grab from the documentary
Watching Casablanca in David Pecaut Sqaure courtesy of TIFF
Toronto looked so beautiful that night.
FYI Free films every Wednesday all summer!
See the schedule here
Play it again Sam.
 Greg Oh and Drake breakfast. 

Film: Guest of Cindy Sherman

Director Paul Ho + Art superstar Cindy Sherman (who was soon to become his girlfriend)
Fashion note: Cindy Sherman has great style in this doc. Understated elegance.

Watched a very fun film with my neighbour Richard tonight: Guest of Cindy Sherman which chronicles director Paul H-O's five year relationship with art superstar Cindy Sherman.
In addition to hilariously showing the perils of being a famous person's "plus one" it also explores art's symbiotic (often absurd) relationship with commerce + celebrity. Fascinating + funny plus serves as a great crash course in the Art world circa 1995-2005. (Appearances by Eric Fischl, Tracey Emin, Julian Schnabel and more.)