Inspiration: Comedian + Writer Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin is talking about his creative process on Q right now.
Really great. Smart + funny.

Some good lines:
"I have to make sure my writing is a
by product of my life" (ie. authentic - not just carried out for a goal of making a movie)

"If I spend the day making things I feel good. If I spend the day reading Twitter I feel lousy"

" I love Stand up comedy because it gives me a short feedback loop"
The same could be said of blogging. :-)

Inspiration: Jennifer Egan

My sweet neighbour Jen (who works at the IFOA) recommended A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan to me and I have been savouring every word of it this month. Last night listened to a fantastic interview with her on Writers and Co. She explains that the novel explores the concept of time and how our perception of it has changed drastically since the internet. She also expressed a concern for a lack of solitude in today's buzzed out society which she feels is critical to the creative process. Highly recommended.
ps. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize. ooh ahh.