Mike Mills sketch

Sketch done while listening to a great interview with director Mike Mills + Terry Gross on Fresh Air.
Mike Mills was taking about his new film 20th Century women based which is based on his mom.
I so love her interviews. Excellent company.

Sketch is very much influenced by Saul Steinberg and contains an homage to him.
That is his brush and pen cup in the middle of the sketch.

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Squiggly lamp and Morning sketching

I am trying to get back in the habit of sketching each morning
As an illustrator it's so important to keep the drawing muscle flexy and also to do personal work along side commissioned work.

This morning i stumbled across this fabulous squiggly crunchberry lamp by Straydog Designs.
Immediately inspired me to  do some sketches - and to also hopefully make time this summer to do some paper maché which my heart has been longing to do.

The Crunchberry lamp from Stray Dog Design.
Isnt it fabulous?
So squiggly.

Morning sketches.