Inspiration: Comedian + Writer Demetri Martin

Demetri Martin is talking about his creative process on Q right now.
Really great. Smart + funny.

Some good lines:
"I have to make sure my writing is a
by product of my life" (ie. authentic - not just carried out for a goal of making a movie)

"If I spend the day making things I feel good. If I spend the day reading Twitter I feel lousy"

" I love Stand up comedy because it gives me a short feedback loop"
The same could be said of blogging. :-)

Portlandia's video "Put a Bird on it!"

Fred Armisen + Carrie Brownstein put a Bird on everything

I realize I'm very late to this but just had to post this video as it's cuz so funny + accurate.

Portlandia is a new sketch comedy/TV show on IFC starring Fred Armisen + Carrie Brownstein. The show mocks the stereotypes found in Portland Oregon and in this clip, it takes on the BIRD trend that's been going strong on Etsy and in indie urban centres for years. Spot on.