In a Gertrude Stein state o' mind

Last weekend I went to see Midnight in Paris with my dear friend Eric. I thought some of the dialogue + acting was appalling bad! (This was written by the same man who wrote Annie Hall?!)

However I loved the middle section where the Owen Wilson character is transported back to early 20th century Paris and hangs out with all the famous expats of the time.
Above Zelda + F.S Fitzgerald.

The Art director did a great job of recreating the look + feel Gertrude Stein's salon.

I'm very familiar with this group of artists + writers because several years ago I illustrated a book about Gertrude Stein + her famous circle called "Charmed Circle". (Below) The art director was Raquel Jaramillo and it was published by Henry Holt.

From left to right:
Matisse, Picasso, Getrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Zelda + F. Scott Fitzgerald, + Hemingway

Below are a few drawings from the sketch phase of the assignment.

If you're interested in this period I highly recommend the book.

Coming soon to a TV near you

This week a crew from Holiday Films came by and rented several of my prints plus my inspiration board above for a tv commercial.

My Alphabet legs + Big Brogue shoe print which will appear in the commercial.

The spot was shot by Director Lena Beug (you can see her fantastic demo reel here)
with art direction by the talented Greg Keen + prop styling by the lovely Nancy Machel.
It was great to work with all of them.

I'll post a video of the commercial when it's released.

Thrilled to bits: Special commission for Paul Buckley of Penguin

Paul Buckley in his office in the West Village, NYC

Paul's requested title
Note this is a different penguin from the one on my existing prints. This guy has more of a belly and is I will need to make a new screen for the print.

Penguin 75
Edited and Introduction by Paul Buckley

Thrilled to report that I have been commissioned to create a special Penguin Silk screen print for Paul Buckley, executive Art director of Penguin USA. I mentioned Paul back in August as he is also the editor of the great book Penguin 75 which I read this summer. Paul has requested I screen the title The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells. When I deliver the print I will definitely inquire as to the appeal of this title. Added bonus: Delivering the print = excuse to go to New York. Yipee!

ps. Good interview with Paul Buckley here.