Thrilled to bits: Special commission for Paul Buckley of Penguin

Paul Buckley in his office in the West Village, NYC

Paul's requested title
Note this is a different penguin from the one on my existing prints. This guy has more of a belly and is I will need to make a new screen for the print.

Penguin 75
Edited and Introduction by Paul Buckley

Thrilled to report that I have been commissioned to create a special Penguin Silk screen print for Paul Buckley, executive Art director of Penguin USA. I mentioned Paul back in August as he is also the editor of the great book Penguin 75 which I read this summer. Paul has requested I screen the title The Island of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells. When I deliver the print I will definitely inquire as to the appeal of this title. Added bonus: Delivering the print = excuse to go to New York. Yipee!

ps. Good interview with Paul Buckley here.