Great booth design and How I love Pinterest

Jennifer Kreyssig of The IDS show sent me this photo of a great booth design today. (She is tracking down the source... she knows the company is French!)

I love the scaled up fabric and etched looking door with the "Alice in Wonderland' vibe. Also love those pendant lights. The photo went straight onto my Pinterest Board of murals + window display.
I am continuing to find Pinterest a great (and very speedy!) way to neatly organize one's inspiration + all the visual goodness one finds on the web. Highly recommended!
ps. Anybody have a great source for these kind of pendant lamps? :-)

Stunning Wall designs

Wall art at the newly redesigned H + M in the Eaton's Centre, Toronto
Bold, very graphic flowers that really pop!

More great flowers and scrawly handwriting

Nama Rococo's black and white wallpaper called 68
Whaddya think? Possible influence?

Another amazing Nama Rococo walpaper

Nama Rococo's homepage
Quirky and Bloody marvelous!

Popped into the newly redesigned H + M this week and was really struck by their stunning new wall designs which included enormous popping flowers and scrawly handwriting all done in black and white for a very graphic look.
Couldn't help thinking the designers may possibly have been inspired by a fantastic, really out there wallpaper company called Nama Rococo. Check them out here - methinks you'll be gobsmacked!

ps. Would love to know which Design firm is responsible for this work. Please email if you know the answer!

Inspiration: Olimpia Zagnoli

Style to burn. Check out those glasses.

Love her economical illustrations and sophisticated sense of colour.


Great window painting in Milan.

Check out that red lipstick. I think it might be Mac Russian Red. (Madonna's fave colour)
Will have to ask her....

The young Milan based illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli is kinda ridiculously talented.
The influence of her mentors Paul Rand and Bruno Munari can be seen through out all of her wonderous illustration, lettering, and mural work.
I also find her personal style very inspiring.
Intense red lipstick combined with her plucky haircut and big tortoise shell glasses is such a great combo. Total inspiration.