My Head is full of Wallpaper

My livingroom yesterday.

Yesterday I began sketches on the wall mural I'm working on. In the research stage I hit my usual textile/pattern suspects: Lucienne Day, Josef Frank, Alexander Girard, + Piero Fornasetti* All amazing.
There are also so many new wallpaper designers cropping up. Lots of inspiration.

Here are a few images.

Raoul Dufy for Bianchini-Ferier
Did you know he did a lots of textile design in addition to painting?

Piero Fornasetti's Mediterranea for Cole & Son. So dense. Fantastic.
Would look wild in a bathroom!

Harlequin Boutique UK. Whimsical

Small whales by Geoff McFetridge - So fun + graphic!

I saved my images to my pattern + wallpaper boards on Pinterest so if you wanna see all of my faves just go there. I am finding Pinterest to be a very QUICK way to do research + store reference images. Am grateful to my lovely neighbour Valerie for introducing me to it.

ps. Read this book on Fornasetti last month - but too busy to write about it.
He definitely deserves his own post! Such an interesting character.

Women who Paint on Walls: Hazel Meyer and Margaret Kilgallen

Hazel Meyer

One wall of the installation

Another wall!

A deconstruction of the tshirt

Pleased to see a quote from Michel de Certeau included! (one of my favorite Situationist thinkers)

Part of Margaret Kilgallen's Installation from 2000 UCLA Museum, Los Angeles

Margaret working. Love this picture

Love this one too.

Margaret working
She never did projections - She painted directly on the wall based on a sketches. Brave.

Two Saturdays ago I went to see "Hyper Hyper": an installation by my friend Hazel Meyer at The OCAD Graduate Gallery. The installation was Hazel's MFA Graduate thesis event. As explained in her invitation Hyper-Hyper was an installation of doodles, sketches, marks + text that weaved together the physiology of muscle building through resistance training with art methodology. It consumed the walls + floor of the gallery and was an explosive visualization of a discursive thought process!

Hazel's courageous doodles + text dancing on a large scale immediately reminded me of one of my favourite artists and mentors Margaret Killgallen -- so thought it was high time I included some pictures of her work on my blog. She is endlessly inspirational to me.