My Head is full of Wallpaper

My livingroom yesterday.

Yesterday I began sketches on the wall mural I'm working on. In the research stage I hit my usual textile/pattern suspects: Lucienne Day, Josef Frank, Alexander Girard, + Piero Fornasetti* All amazing.
There are also so many new wallpaper designers cropping up. Lots of inspiration.

Here are a few images.

Raoul Dufy for Bianchini-Ferier
Did you know he did a lots of textile design in addition to painting?

Piero Fornasetti's Mediterranea for Cole & Son. So dense. Fantastic.
Would look wild in a bathroom!

Harlequin Boutique UK. Whimsical

Small whales by Geoff McFetridge - So fun + graphic!

I saved my images to my pattern + wallpaper boards on Pinterest so if you wanna see all of my faves just go there. I am finding Pinterest to be a very QUICK way to do research + store reference images. Am grateful to my lovely neighbour Valerie for introducing me to it.

ps. Read this book on Fornasetti last month - but too busy to write about it.
He definitely deserves his own post! Such an interesting character.