WOW: Lecture by Apartment Therapy Founder Maxwell Gillingham - Ryan

Ok for anyone in need of career inspiration or motivation I suggest you listen to this lecture pronto. It's another in the wonderful Creative Morning series organized by Tina Roth Eisenberg. (aka swiss miss)

Maxwell Gillingham Ryan discusses in depth the wonderfully circuitous career path which eventually led to launching one of the world's most successful design blogs. Pre Apt therapy he had worked as both a design assistant (gluing glitter on fruit for christmas balls )and an elementary school teacher at the Waldorf school. In 2001 he decided to merge his two passion of Design and Teaching to create his own very unique vocation - an Apartment Therapist. I really love that he merged two worlds - this is always a good recipe for creating something unique and fresh. In the talk he goes on to discuss the growth of the Apt therapy "empire' and shares many of his insights on the power of social media and the future of blogging.
Really inspirational.
ps. As a good accompaniment to this talk I recommend reading his first book Apartment Therapy. Really great - I read it in one sitting.