Antiques: Chair Table Lamp + Kevin Austin

One of my favorite antique shops in the city is Chair Table Lamp at 1156 Yonge Street. It's owned by dealer/stylist Kevin Austin, who is also a frequent contributor to Style at Home magazine. Kevin buys alot of items which could fall under the term "Industrial chic" ie. pieces with lots of metal, well worn wood and a great patina. Below are photos from a recent visit. Favorite items included a beautiful old sawbuck table and some old bowling pins. The piece de resistance however was a metal + pine rack on wheels from an early 20C shoe factory. It was so quirky and worn in - I couldn't resist! The last photo shows the rack in it's new (temporary) home in my silk screen studio. In my ideal future I'd like to place it in my kitchen and display solid white dishes on it for a great contrast. ooh ahh.