Interview with Lourdes Sanchez in Uppercase magazine

Uppercase Magazine Issue 13 is out and it's another beauty with a gorgeous cover by Eloise Renouf.
The issue also contains my interview with textile designer Lourdes Sanchez.

I visited Lourdes last May in her live/work space in Gowanus Brooklyn. I was blown away by her quirky + soulful studio - especially her massive inspiration board which covered the entire wall above her desk (made my sweet boyfriend Russell) and her comprehensive library of art books. I coulda spent all day in there curled up reading!!

Lourdes' beautiful inks and patterns

We spent a very fun day together which included a delicious burrito lunch + long stroll around her neighbourhood with her Havanese pooch Moonpie.
Some pics of our day together below.

Lourdes' doggie Moonpie.

yum.... Burritos.
Meeting Lourdes was a complete inspiration to me and am happy to say we are still very much in touch. :-)

Beginners by Director/Graphic Designer Mike Mills

I went to see the film Beginners last night.

Was attracted to the film initially because of this great lettering in the poster (which I suspected was done by one of my all time fave illustrators Eric Hanson.)

Turns out it was done by the writer/director of the film Mike Mills who began his career as a graphic designer. (!) Mike graduated from Cooper Union and then went on to work at M + Co. with Tibor Kalman. Coincidenza.

The film is very autobiographical with Ewan McGregor playing the main character of Oliver who - yes - works as a graphic designer. (yay)
I adored the drawings in the film which were all done by Mike Mills.

Below Oliver sketches "A History of Ex-girlfriends". Adorable.

Love the Princess Leia hairdo and Mill's broken line.

I think this ex girlfriend did alotta drugs.

Was excited to discover that a book has been published with the drawings from the film.
Add to cart. :-)

This Poster is from an earlier film by Mike Mills Thumbsucker.
Isn't it great?
ps. I am honking.

The film was wonderful in many ways - the performances of Christopher Plummer + Ewan McGregor are note perfect + heartbreaking... but for me Mill's entirely fresh + inventive direction is the big deal of this movie. For insight into it you can read a great interview with the director on the AIGA website here.
Strongly recommended - especially if you're designer/ illustrator sort.

ps. Fun fact: Michael Mills is married to Miranda July.
I think that = Mr. + Mrs. Quirky USA.

NYC Day 8: Visit with Lourdes Sanchez

Friday morning I was off on the R train to the Gowanus neighbourhood in Brooklyn to visit and interview textile designer Lourdes Sanchez .
I first discovered Lourdes' work through her collaboration with West Elm.

Here is one of her gorgeous duvet designs.

This is one of my current favourites: Her very colourful Bull's eye rug. So juicy!

Lourdes has been working for over 20 years in the industry and has amassed an impressive client list including Clinique, Kate Spade, Vera Wang Home, and Pottery Barn.

As suspected the minute I entered her fantastic apt my eyes were darting back + forth taking in all the juicy details!

Lourdes (aka Luli!) in her studio. Check out that turquoise wall!

Textile samples hung from the walls, art books were piled high in every room, and a cacophony of images + colour co-mingled on her inspiration board. It was a feast for the eyes.

A close up of her inspiration board

Beautiful Fabric inks

We had a fantastic visit and as is the case with most very talented people I've met - she was extremely modest + more interested in discussing her inspirations rather than her own work!

One of MANY stacks of books

From her huge collection of art books Lourdes pointed out some influential favourites which included Ad Reinhardt, Yayoi Kusama, Philip Taaffe, Morris Lewis, Vincent Van Gogh and Chris Johnson.

Here she is showing me a watercolour piece reminiscent of the one used for the Bull's Eye rug

A drawer full of fabric samples with her logo attached

Off to lunch with Moonpie: Lourdes' beloved Havanese doggie

Burritos - Yum!

Back home goofing around

Lourdes' studio, work and philosophies on art + life were all extremely inspirational. You'll be able to read my full interview with her in the August issue of uppercase magazine.
Thanks for the great visit Lourdes. xo

Upcoming date with Lourdes Sanchez

Close up of Lourdes' whale pillow at West Elm

Back in February I wrote a post about Brooklyn based textile designer Lourdes Sanchez. Lourdes has collaborated with tons of great companies including Kate spade, Pottery Barn and most recently for West Elm. (If you visit the store right now you'll see her gorgeous work featured on pillows, rugs + prints through out the store) Thrilled to report that I'll be meeting up with Lourdes in New York in May for an interview and peek at her studio. Check back then for notes + pics from our meeting!