New sketches with pen + ink

Experimenting with pen, ink and tracing paper. (as opposed to markers)

I really like how using a crow quill pen inevitably produces big inky blobs.
(happy accidents)

For reference I use both art history books + Google images.

A bunch of vases.
Next I'm going to incorporate these drawings into a new wallpaper pattern. Stay tuned.

For a while now I've been looking to thicken the line work of my drawings so this week I experimented with a traditional crow quill pen, nib + india ink as opposed to the Staedtler markers that I usually draw with. I also switched up my regular paper with tracing paper as I had recently read these were Andy Warhol's choice of materials!* I was really pleased with the results. The combo of materials resulted in a fluid, thicker + more varied line with plenty of accidental ink blobs which I love.
Experiments will continue!

* Note: After Andy drew on the tracing paper he then blotted it onto an absorbent piece of paper. In this way he produced his famous blotted line which I adore. There is a tutorial on his technique here. Thanks Joyce!