Press: Gestalten Publishing

Me screening the first orange pass of the print.

The original book published by Pelican

A great read

Two of my penguin book prints will be featured in an book entitled "Printmaking Rediscovered" published by German publisher Gestalten. The titles chosen are A Room of One's Own and The Intelligent Woman's Guide... by George Bernard Shaw.

Several people have asked me recently if this was an actual title so I am including a photo of the original book published in 1937 for their perusal. As you can see it was actually published by Pelican Books - but I took the liberty of switching out the name and bird as I knew that penguins were a much more aesthetically pleasing creature then big gawky pelicans!

FYI For an excellent history of penguin books I suggest Penguin By Design by Phil Baines. Is fantastic.