Wrist Watch Wednesday: A very special Rolex Oyster Everest

Ok so my Wrist Watch Wednesday segment has been somewhat neglected (understatement) but today Scott Williamson wrote to me with a great story regarding this very special watch owned by his dad Donald Williamson.
60 years ago his father was the very first brave soul to step in during the SS Noronic fire, one of the worst disasters in the history of Toronto.
For his bravery he was awarded this beautiful Rolex watch which has a wonderful inscription on the back. Scott has recently restored it and wears in proudly.

Timex military watch

Timex recently joined forces with J. Crew to create this fetching new military watch . The design was inspired by iconic styles from the 1940s. (My favorite fashion period.The black face has been distressed to look vintage which is abit well.. distressing! but i will admit -I still want it.
Love the ribbed nylon strap and bright red second hand for that "camping chic" feel.

ps. This post is the first in a new feature I'm beginning called Wrist Watch Wednesdays Each week I'll feature one watch in depth. I'll also have posts which celebrate both the watch and it's owner. It's a way to explore my love of time pieces and also an excuse to contact interesting people. Stay tuned.