Inspiration: Textile designer Lourdes Sánchez

I love how the colours bleed

Love these dottie dottie dots.

Very Paul Klee-ish

What stunning colours in this IKAT pattern

Bull's Eye Rug designed for West Elm

I'm working on some surface design samples this week so have been researching textile designers.

One favourite I've discovered recently is Lourdes Sánchez . I spotted the very colourful rug she designed for West Elm on the back page of the catalogue and immediately needed to know more about her. She is a Cuban born artist and textile designer who grew up in Queens + New Jersey. She works in hand painted watercolour media which gives her designs a beautiful fluidity. There is incredible variety within her textile line: including designs with dots, stripes, ikat patterns, and vintage florals. Her client list includes Crate and Barrel, Graphique de France, Clinique and Diane Von Furstenberg.

(Would love to know more about her creative process. Have added her to my list of people I'd like to interview for uppercase magazine!)

ps. I think it's really great that West Elm does so many collaborations. It gives the artists great exposure and adds a juiciness to the company. Have noticed that many other shops including Anthropologie + J. Crew are following this model.