On meeting Kate Spade

Kate in her office.
She's holding up a card which I made for her.

The first thing you see upon entering the office are these 3 clocks.
Kate was born in Kansas City, Lives in New York and draws inspiration from Paris.
I thought very clever.

While waiting for Kate to arrive this beaming young woman (undoubtedly an unpaid intern!) offers me a drink in a fabulous polka dot glass. Kate knows how to treat her guests.

Kate, Me and Winnifred Gallagher (Author of It's in The Bag which I illustrated)
Very bad hair day for me.

A salon wall at the time in Kate's store on Broome Street.

Below are the pics of Kate + Andy's home from The Selby.

Living room
Lots of intense primary colours mixed with the black

Wow. What a gorgeous vestibule. Check out those herringbone floors.

Lots of cozy corners with good lighting and lots of black.
Love the art collection - I think it's all Hugo Guiness.

This week through the lovely blog A Perfect Gray I discovered that Kate and Andy Spade's apt was featured on The Selby. Good God!
The multi layered space filled with cozy lighting, tons of art and bold pops of colour is quite drool worthy. Looking at the pics reminded me of seeing her amazing office + meeting her back in 2006 when I was in NYC doing research on a book on handbags.
I decided it was high time I shared some pics from that day!

As corny as it sounds Kate + Andy are two of the most creatively juicy people I have ever met. I feel I'm still drawing inspiration from that visit in January 06.