Reading for Profit prints now available

My Reading for Profit print as it appeared in Canadian House and Home January 2010

The Screen

Print drying on the rack
I was pleased with the variations I achieved in this edition - lots of scritchiness and imperfections!

The print complete with coffee and tea stains

My Reading for Profit prints are now available complete with hand painted coffee and tea stains. It measures 26" x 40". Please email me if you'd like to order one. Note: I have added the Service Edition label to the title in this edition because it highlights one of my favorite parts of Penguin's history. During World War II Penguin launched the special Services Edition of books which were sent over to soldiers fighting in the war. I have always thought that gesture so heart warming and quite great.

ps. For those new to the blog fyi there really is a book titled Reading for Profit. It was published in 1945.