Ikea Expedit Bookshelf as Gorgeous Room divider

The basic shelf

Look how great it looks when you add some nice books + tchotchkes
From Domino magazine -sigh- R.I.P Domino!

In black it makes for a cozy bedroom divider
From apartment therapy

From ikea hacker
I like the drawers - good for storage

This is 2 Expediets put together. Gorgeous!

So the loft I am moving into is 945 sq. ft of completely RAW SPACE ie. no walls except for the bathroom! OY VEY - so I am on the hunt for some room dividers. I may put in some dry wall eventually but for now I think I'll use 2 or more IKEA Expedit bookshelves which I have long admired. I love their cubey graphic look and possibilities for storage.
Above are some nice examples of how they have been used as room dividers. I think they look great - and at 169.00 a pop are a very affordable solution.

So the only question is White, Black or Birch?
Whaddya think? Thanks for your input.