How to display little pieces of artwork

The livingroom of printmaker Hugo Guiness
As the Style bloggers would say.. LOVE!

More of his prints
After I posted my little iron sketch yesterday I was thinking about one of my fave printmakers Hugo Guiness. He creates small lino cuts of everyday objects. I first saw his stuff beautifully displayed at the John Derian shop in NYC. (6 East Second Street) (I know, I know-- another reference to John Derian) The collection of mismatched frames in all different shapes + finishes made for a fantastic display. The key is to include a few gold ones to add depth and patina. FYI They are often going cheap at garage sales!
The photo of Hugo's livingroom has inspired me to do some small black and white prints on tanned paper. Then I'll sell them and you too can have a little salon wall like this. STAYED TUNED!