My Apartment

For years I've painted almost every wall in my apt grey.
It makes colours like pink, yellow and orange really POP.
On wall: My Penguin book cover silk screen print

I like the look of these three IKEA Ringun rugs together - juicy.

Some art on display in the stairway.
Large painting by Shannon Greene.
Illustration by Carey Sookochef
Alphabet legs and n is for novel prints by me.
ps. Yes yes I'm aware the Keep Calm poster is so "OVA!"

One of my favorite pieces: A decoupage plate by John Derian

The needlepoint shoe pillow I designed and stitched

My office
On wall: Franny goes to school and Large Red Tea pot

My map drawers (Essential for any printmaker and an unwelcome sight for any movers!):-)

Shelf from a former shoe factory purchased at Chair Table Lamp

Day bed in office to lie on when in need of inspiration
On wall: My Big orange scissors print

Vanity table in bedroom
On wall: My Room of One's own silk screen print

Designer and Style writer Arren Williams has asked me to submit some pics of my apt for his 5 Quick Questions series so this weekend I held a little photo session with my apt.