Alanna Cavanagh
Lacey legsLibrarian shoeT strap shoeBrooks Brothers Suit
S is for swingBig Orange Scissors in the home of Bev Hisey
Photographed by Donna GriffithAn Empty BellySmall Dress JudySmall ironBrooks Brothers suit (Red line)Framed Brooks Brother Suit (Green)Brooks Brothers suit (black line)Intelligent Woman's GuideLimey green Slipper ChairBig Brogue shoeAlphabet legsSmall white teapotBlue slipper chairA Room of One's OwnFranny goes to School (with orange)The Island of Dr. MoreauScreening the scissors printWorking in my studioRed Japanese teapot Franny goes to School (with ochre square)
Silk screen prints
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